The Monetary System, CHN vs US Power Struggle, and Crypto -- People's Money Revolution*

Updated: Jul 15

Govts and the prominent Snowman are centralizing crypto apart from ban policies on the poor Bitcoin. This has cause an uproar in social media platforms bannering--"Bitcoin Scam." I think we have a consensus that there are voids and loopholes on our monetary system; of how money is created and circulated. Digital Currencies vs Cryptos make it appear that govts and people are on opposite sides when one cannot exist without the other; we see cyclical recessions and protests after protests when the 1st system was introduced. I hear people talking about this issue all the time, but never heard of discussion on the solutions. Maybe I wasn't at the right places and the right time. What do you go for --Digital Currencies or Crypto? And with its ramifications, how do you see a resolution in US - CHN trade war and power struggles?

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