Frequently asked questions

Who is FFYRE?

FFYRE was founded in 2005 by Tiraya Krongvanich, whom has the passions for fragrances and crystals. Initially, FFYRE was a gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. Since 2015, it has become a design studio for fragrances, haute couture, and custom-made crystal jewelries.

How does FFYRE contribute to society?

Parts of our profit go to various donations:
Bangkok Charity Concert (donations to the visually-impaired)
Jungle Aid (donations to help locals in remote places rebuild their homes)
Second Chance Bangkok ​ The Mirror Foundation

Why FFYRE fragrances are like no other?

We create niche, unisex fragrances that are made from the ingredients of nature* loved by men and women of all ages.

Any "secret" services?

FFYRE offer bespoke fragrances and haute couture, tailored especially for you* as well as jewelries made from various healing crystals customized to each specific order. Email us at OR Line Official (ID: @ffyre) to see what we've got "just for you."