FFYRE was founded in 2005 as a photo gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, as an outlet for Tiraya's passion. After several awards and exhibitions, Tiraya decided to devote herself to fashion when her professors mistook her for a fashion department. 2015 saw the launch of a fashion line that includes haute couture for select clients. In the winter of 2018, the first fragrance collection was opened for exclusive purchase. Throughout the decades, Tiraya also delved into the worlds of New Age and the metaphysical to cope with her stressful muse for the economy and politics*

It is a 16 years journey into making FFYRE.


Mission* --"To help you be the best version of yourself through VIBES, with the fusion of East intertwining West." 

Tiraya Krongvanich 


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Our Vibes: 


Everything in the universe is --"energy." And energy is "vibes." Whatever you are going through and feeling now, let us make your emotions accepted, heard, and understood; Only then, we are able to live our life to the fullest...once we accept our own thoughts and emotions.  

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Fragrances & Essentials: 


We delicately craft each scent with perfumes from Bangkok, Chiangmai, Japan, and the Middle East to their finest and most precise mixture –from our studio to yours. A lot is going on in our studio apart from fragrances and essentials production. Our team of designers brainstorm on products branding, labeling, et cetera…ensuring that every process of making our fragrances and essentials is authentic.